Countertop convection ovens are more energy-efficient than full-size ovens and cook food more evenly in a fraction of the time. That’s because these appliances use a series of fans to constantly circulate hot air around food, rather than cooking it in a stagnant heat. The capacity and special features vary, but in general, countertop convection ovens can completely replace full-size versions without issue. Pro tip: look for convection ovens that have nonstick walls––it’s a nice touch that makes for easy clean-up.

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Hands down the best thing about this Breville convection oven is its versatility. This one-cubic-foot oven roasts, toasts, bakes, and does everything else that other conventions ovens do, but it also has both dehydrator and air fryer settings. Plus, it can roast a 14-pound turkey and preheats in about 3 minutes. The LCD display makes it easy to scroll through all the cooking functions.

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This oven is top-of-the-line and comes with a price tag to match. It has the most powerful convection element of the ovens on the list and has six cooking modes: bake, roast, broil, warm, proof, and toast. The built-in temperature probe allows you to keep an eye on the internal temperature through the outer LCD screen, so you can keep the oven door closed.

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This one works a bit differently than the others: a rack sits at the bottom of the glass bowl and you put food directly onto the rack instead of in a pan. The oven comes with a second rack, too, so you can steam, roast, and cook multiple layers of food at once. A glass lid with the heating element covers the dish and functions like an oven door closing. This model also has a steaming feature, which the others do not, and is a fraction of the price of most convection ovens on the market.