If you’re a coffee drinker, a brewing routine is important for getting the day started. For some, that means dragging yourself out of the house to get your preferred brew, for others that are using a series of devices for the perfect first sip, for still others, that’s getting a mediocre-tasting fix with the same maker you’ve had since the college days. These versatile coffee makers help out all of the above, saving space, time, and your taste buds.

Most versatile: Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System

Drink The Way You Like

Hot, cold, at home, or on the go. Amazon

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Leaving your house for coffee offers an abundance of choice—maybe you want to break up the week with a cold brew or a flat white? Want the perfect amount of foam? Want to keep it mellow with a cup of tea? With this maker, you have the ability to satisfy almost any craving. This Ninja maker has 6 brew sizes and 5 brew styles—it’s smart enough to know exactly what you’re making and how best to brew. The 10-cup thermal carafe will keep your drinks hot for up to 2 hours, so you can sip slowly and enjoy.

Best of both worlds: Mr. Coffee All-In-One Occasions Coffee Maker

Shots When You Want Them

End the ongoing “let’s just get a pod!” battle. Amazon

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There’s an inherent convenience that comes from a pod coffee maker, though many who prefer an artisanal bean may see that as the only upside. Despite the constant evolution of what, and how, grounds are offered in a pod, this can be a common household battle. Thankfully, the Mr. Coffee Occasions has the versatility to offer both the use of pods and fresh grounds to brew up to 12oz individual mugs or up to 10 cups of coffee, to stop that bicker match once and for all. More of a latte fan? Use the espresso wand and the machine’s auto-detect technology (which will recognize what attachment you’re using) to pull espresso shots, and create perfect foam with the milk frother.

For shots and cups: De’Longhi Pump Espresso and 10c Drip Coffee Machine

Increase Your Options

Work out how to be a barista without an under-caffeinated customer waiting for their drink. Amazon

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Have you longed to learn to pull an espresso shot? This machine, which features a half and half approach to coffee, is your perfect starter machine to dip your toe into the world of highly crafted drinks. With a side-by-side design, this combination pump espresso maker and 10-cup drip coffee machine also features a milk foaming wand and something called “Flavor Saver technology,” which proclaims to magnify the smell and flavor of your brew.

Basic pick: Cuisinart Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Automatic Coffee Maker

Basic, But Great

Just a fresh-tasting, fine cup of drip. Amazon

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Maybe the frills of an espresso drink aren’t for you—you prefer a classic cup of drip coffee, but it has to be good and you don’t want to deal with grinding beans every day. Enter this Cuisinart all-in-one. Fully programmable with auto brew features, this Cuisinart will grind your bean of choice with the built-in grinder right before brewing to your preferred time, giving you the freshest cup.