Beginner-friendly golf balls that will help you fall in love with the game

Have fun showing off your new skills.

There’s no question that the materials, surface, core, and number of construction layers of a golf ball has an impact on performance. When you’re just starting out, however, the satisfying “thwack” of your club against the ball and ability to play a few holes without sending your ball flying out of bounds are often more pressing concerns than the finer points of compression and spin control.

Get to know your strengths and weaknesses in a low-stakes way with these tips on dependable choices that can sail satisfyingly long distances on the green, and learn a smart method to explore pro options that take you to the next level of play.

Features 342 Dimples

Box of two dozen white two-piece models featuring a 34 compression core, an iothane cover, and a balance between a comfortable feel and the ability to travel far when they connect with your club. Amazon

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Two-piece golf balls are a good choice for beginners who want the satisfaction of getting some distance on a shot when your club connects. They’re more affordable than more complex designs, and a solid way to start learning the game. Leave the one-piece balls to mini-golf or driving ranges, and enjoy observing the beauty of a long carry.

Comes in Three Colors

The dozen two-piece golf balls in this pack come in vivid red, green, and orange shades you can spot at a distance, with 339 dimples on each ball’s surface designed to leverage windy conditions. Amazon

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Dancers wear leotards and leggings for ease of movement, but also to observe subtleties in form as they move. If you have trouble picking out a standard white ball on its path through the sky, sand, or past the white pants of a neighboring golfer, brightly colored balls can make it much easier to pay attention to how the subtleties of your golfing form affect each stroke. They’re also simpler to find.

Discover Your A-Game

This two-piece option is meant to move, thanks to its low-drag design. Available in both white and yellow. Amazon

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Once you’ve played a few rounds and have a stronger grasp on how your first choice of ball performs when putting, with powerful long drives, and on different terrain, you’ll have a baseline for comparison with pro models. Choosing a mix from a single brand may allow you to discern differences more consistently than randomly selecting styles from a variety of brands.