Backyard trampolines to entertain kids and adults

Skip the trampoline park.

Even with iPads and Facetime, an old-fashioned device like a trampoline can still capture a kid’s attention. It turns out that jumping is fun for even the most jaded kiddos, and manufacturers have added a load of safety features and bells and whistles that make them a fun centerpiece for any backyard that regularly hosts children. Things to consider while shopping for the perfect trampoline: the weight limit and suggested number of jumpers, what kind of material is used for the frame, how much space you are willing to dedicate to a trampoline, and how easy it is to assemble and disassemble.

Have fun and stay active with these great trampoline options.

Get easier air. Amazon


Merax trampolines will hold up. The standout feature of this model is a backboard and hoop that will send your aspiring Jordans, Bryants, and Jameses soaring into the air for a slam dunk. This option has a 15-foot diameter, so they’ll have plenty of room to practice your shots.

Hold on tight. Amazon


Help your toddler(s) find their balance and love for hopping with this cute 36-inch diameter trampoline. Tots from 24 months and up to 150 pounds can use the easy grip handle to hold themselves upright as they bop themselves crazy.

Fits in your bedroom. Amazon


Parents without the luxury of a big backyard or lacking the inclination to fill theirs with a massive trampoline will appreciate this Skywalker for the variety of indoor-friendly sizes it’s available in and the enclosure that keeps young ones from getting too wild. Move it outdoors during the summer and to the family rec room during the winter.