Whether you are a new parent or on your third round of terrible twos, you know how important it is to make sure your child is safe and happy in their crib. The right baby monitor keeps you sane and your child sleeping soundly. Many of today’s baby monitors will provide you with the peace of mind you need as a parent, whether you are in the next room or finally getting around to date night. These monitors will be the extra set of eyes and ears every parent needs—with a few extra perks, too.

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If you want to get a crystal clear picture of your sleeping buddy, the Vava is pretty spectacular. With a range of up to 900 feet, automatic night vision, and a 5-inch 720P IPS display, you will get a perfect picture night and day. With seven levels of volume control, you can easily monitor your newborn’s breathing, or turn it down a notch for your 2-year-old’s sleep babble. This monitor will also track the temperature in your nursery and can connect up to four cameras for the ultimate view of your baby’s room. Its rechargeable battery also means you’ll spend less over time; no need to purchase a replacement. The Vava is a great option to get some work done while your baby snoozes.

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While this one isn’t cheap, it will give you the best information about your sleeping baby. This monitor is really impressive; its creators have managed to fit a lot of high-quality engineering into one small package. The Miku tracks your peanut’s breathing, sleep patterns, and nursery conditions in real time without needing any physical contact. If your baby has health concerns, this is going to be the monitor that puts your mind at ease. It will also let you two-way talk and play music through the app, so you can soothe your little one when they just need a quick lullaby to go back to sleep. You won’t need to carry around a screen companion either; to use the Miku, all you have to do is download their aesthetically pleasing app. This monitor is pretty extraordinary; it goes above and beyond to track your baby’s sleep health while letting you get some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

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The Infant Optics monitor is a tried and true go-to. This monitor is completely customizable when it comes to your viewing vantage point; you can easily adjust the pan, tilt, and zoom of any of its three interchangeable lenses. Additionally, it has a sound-activated LED bar that lets you see when your baby is crying, so you won’t have to keep reaching for the monitor “just in case”. One of the best features on this thing is guaranteed privacy—this monitor doesn’t need to use WIFI to work, keeping your connection to your kid 100 percent off the grid. (This also means it’s perfect for travel—no need to keep asking for the internet password).

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The Wyze Cam is going to give you great results for a great price. It’s a home surveillance camera turned baby monitor and it’s primed with many of the features we like from the high-end models. The camera, complete with motion and sound activation, is controlled over Wi-Fi by an app that can be shared with multiple family members. (It was originally developed to protect homes, hence the motion sensor, but you can adjust the sensitivity of these sensors so that it only alerts you when your baby is crying.) This one also comes with night vision, pan-control, recording capabilities, and a two-way talk system. One thing to consider is that you will need to give anyone taking care of your baby access to a phone or tablet with the app already installed or have them download it to their own device and grant them access. It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can make sure your baby is covered by you, your babysitter, and your virtual secretary.