Give your brain a workout with these unique number puzzles

Called “Sums,” they were invented by an engineer.
summing it up puzzle
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We know you are bored at home right now—we are too. Here are some puzzles and brainteasers to challenge your family and friends with, either in person or over video chat.

Few tasks send shivers up more spines than a math problem. Expunge your fears by cracking these puzzles dubbed “Sums” by their creator, engineer Gordon Burgin.

A small set of rules:

The numbers in each sector of the above circle, square, and star equal the sum of the numbers in the circles that border them. Easy enough, right? A few more caveats: The numbers in the small circles can be only 0 through 9, and each digit can appear only once. (The most common solution is linked below, but other solutions might exist.)

To view a large version of the puzzles: Click Here

To view the answers to the puzzles: Click Here

This story appeared in the Fall 2018 issue of Popular Science.