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As you’ve probably noticed, Black Friday deals are launching earlier than usual this year. Today on Amazon you can save up to 50 percent on SuperHandy Home & Outdoor tools, including wood chippers, a 50-foot heavy-duty extension cord, rugged coolers, and even a five-layer food dehydrator.

Turn up for these deals on five Doss Bluetooth speakers. You can snag one for up to 38 percent off. The largest speaker—the SoundBox XL 32W Bluetooth speaker—works from up to 33 feet away from your smartphone and holds about 10 hours of charge. Get the $70 speaker today for just $45.

23andMe is already 50 percent off. Grab one now if saving money if in your genes. This particular test specializes in health and wellness and gives you details about genetic predispositions and physical traits associated with your genes. Get one today for $99 (was $199).

Today, two Ecovacs DEEBOT robots are on sale for up to 25 percent off. You’ll also get a free Echo Dot with your purchase.

The cheaper 601 model can clean for up to 120 minutes, works with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, and lets you customize cleaning schedules with your smartphone. It’s available today for $218.

The 711S model—available for $416—runs for up to 130 minutes and has two suction levels for various floor types. It can visually map your home so the vacuum doesn’t clean the same area twice. You can control the robovac directly using your phone, schedule cleanings in the app, or use Alexa to control when the device should begin vacuuming.

Tranquility weighted blanket sales
Weighted blanket. Walmart

Tranquility weighted blankets are up to $15 off today. They’re available in 12, 15, 18, and 20-pound models; you’ll want to pick one that is between 8-10 percent of your body weight. The smooth, small glass beads that give the blanket its heft are evenly distributed, so you won’t get a lump of weight on your back or bladder during the night. It also comes with a removable cover, which not only keeps you warmer during cold months, but also empowers you to eat snacks without fear of spillage.

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