Better your daily commute with this convenient 10″ touchscreen car display and save $90

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Improve your car navigation system with this 10″ Touchscreen Car Display with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Support, now price-dropped to $109.97 (reg. $199).

If you spend lots of time in the car or know someone who does, this car display may be what you need. Integrating advanced technology to enhance the driving experience, the 10″ Touchscreen Car Display offers wireless capabilities, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto support, improving your daily commutes and long road trips.

With an expansive 10-inch touchscreen display, this monitor gives drivers a clear and dynamic interface that simplifies their daily driving experience. Its large screen size ensures easy visibility without being obtrusive and fits seamlessly on your dashboard. The touchscreen interface is intuitive, allowing drivers to manage their favorite apps, music, and more. The display’s high resolution provides crisp and clear visuals, especially for maps and navigation, while its built-in speakers ensure excellent sound quality.

This car display is more than just an entertainment system—it is a central control unit for various in-car features. Running on an Android 12 operating system, the gadget leverages Android Auto and has an Apple CarPlay connection, offering access to essential apps, including navigation, messaging, alerts, and more. This inclusivity ensures seamless integration regardless of your smartphone preference. Additionally, it features parking assistant capabilities, which are compatible with a rear camera (available separately).

The wireless connectivity also sets a new standard, eliminating the clutter of cords and cables. With a dedicated mounting bracket, the display extends its functionality with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, offering everything from hands-free calling to easy audiobook streaming. Voice control, compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, enables drivers to give out commands without diverting attention from the road.

Purchase the 10″ Touchscreen Wireless Car Display today for $109.97 (reg. $199) with no coupon code required. 

Prices subject to change.