This $25 modern spin on the classic remote controls Apple TV and 4K smart TVs

Save 17 percent only through Jan. 28.

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While we admire Apple’s dedication to delivering innovative technology, it comes at a price—literally. And figuratively, as some of their advanced devices aren’t necessarily the easiest things to use. Take the Siri Remote as an example. It’s non-tech-savvy and younger users might have a hard time navigating its buttons and voice commands.

That’s why we’re sharing this alternative with tactile buttons that resemble a classic remote. The Function101 is also more cost-effective at $24.97 (reg. $29.99) through Jan. 28. Order now to get it in time for the big game, whether it’s the Super Bowl or NBA Finals.

Where classic functionality and modern convenience combine

The Function101 remote was designed and tested to work with Apple TV and Apple TV 4K, but it may also work with other 4K consoles or smart TVs. It uses infrared technology to easily connect to your entertainment machine, requiring a direct line of sight for operation but offering syncing in as little as a few seconds and a range of nearly 40 feet.

Your new partner in streaming

You’ll notice the Function101 has far more buttons than the Siri Remote, allowing for more intuitive use. Explore the quick start guide to find staple controls like power on and off, volume and mute, navigation arrows, and a menu. Then, learn unique features like long presses that activate the Apple TV control center and app switching mode.

If you’re hosting a gathering for the biggest day in football, the Function101 remote is a lot easier for guests and children to handle. Plus, its buttons may hold up better against snacks and drinks.

Grab the Function101 modern twist on classic remotes while it’s on sale for $24.97 (reg. $29.99) through Jan. 28 at 11:59 p.m. PT. No coupon is needed for this 17 percent discount.

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