If you travel a lot, you probably have that one friend or family member kind enough to let you stay for free at their house. Sure, you pay when you go to breakfast together, but in the end you’re still coming out ahead and you know it. So this holiday season (or heck, just the next time you visit) get them a little something. It only makes sense that it be something for their house—that is where you both spend the most time together—so it may as well be something that doubles as a bonus for you, right? They’ll enjoy it year-round, and you’ll enjoy it every time you visit. Err, we mean, you’ll enjoy seeing them use it every time you visit.

A great air mattress

King Koil Amazon

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This one is obvious, but having an air mattress that you’re not embarrassed to get out is actually a wonderful gift. Sure they’ll use it for you, but they’ll also use it for family members and friends who need a place to crash. Throw in a set of sheets as a bonus. $119.95.

A pillow you’ll love

Beckham Luxury Linens Amazon

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The guest room pillow is always the one that everyone else in the house didn’t want. This one is gel-based, so it won’t collect dust or mites like feathers would, plus it’ll hold up better over time—it’s literally a hotel pillow, and that’s what they’re made for. Hopefully, your friend doesn’t like it so much that they take it for themselves… $39.99.

A single-serve coffee machine (that doesn’t suck)

Nespresso Amazon

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There’s always that awkward moment with a pot of coffee where you don’t want to take the last cup and have to make another, but you do really want another. Single-serve machines eliminate that awkwardness in the morning, plus this one is made on Nespresso’s behalf by De’Longhi, an Italian manufacturer that makes some of the world’s best (and priciest) coffee machines in the world. $124.

Bamboo bath towels

Chakir Turkish Linens Amazon

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These all-natural bamboo towels are far more absorbent than cotton while also being much softer. Your friend will love using them all the time, and you’ll get to use them every time you drop by. Plus they’re giant, so no more worrying about your butt cheeks hanging out on your way out of the shower. $50.

While we’re at it, a coffee subscription

Craft Coffee Craft Coffee

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For that friend who thinks Folgers is an acceptable cup of joe, get them a subscription that mixes things up a bit. This one from Craft Coffee ships beans from three different roasters each month, so even if they don’t like one they have options. Plus when you visit, you have a new treat to try every time! Starting at $75.

A fruit subscription

A Harry & David subscription Harry & David

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Here’s the thing about Harry & David fruit boxes: they’re one of those things that you think is old-fashioned and boring until you taste the fruit. Seriously, this stuff will blow you away. Get it for a friend and make a note of when the monthly box arrives. Maybe you can happen to have a trip just as it gets there. Just a thought. Starting at $79.99

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