Firmstrong and Sixthreezero bikes
Firmstrong and Sixthreezero. Amazon

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Easter craft supplies

Crayola Amazon

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Not quite sure why Amazon thinks Crayola products have an inherent connection to Easter, but regardless enjoy up to 40 percent off on “Easter favorites” like Crayola markers, light-up tracing pads, acrylic paints, and other craft supplies.

Cooling mattress pad

eLuxurySupply Amazon

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I can’t tell if my room is too dry or if the heat in my apartment—which I have no control over—is turned up too high, but every night my entire body feels as if it’s laying on a huge hand-warmer. If you also experience toasty, sleepless nights, Amazon has 25 percent off these cooling mattress tops in bed sizes ranging from Twin to California King. They are hypoallergenic and machine-washable, and are made of a soft “Revoloft” fiber filling that mimics down. $97-$120.

Smart light switch

Eufy Amazon

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Save an extra $5 on a Eufy smart light switch. There are three lighting modes that can be accessed through the EufyHome app: one that schedules, one that sets your lights to a timer, and an away mode, which turns the lights on to make potential robbers think you’re home. The voice controlled, Wi-Fi switch works with Amazon and Google Assistant. $25.

Security cameras

Arlo Amazon

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Amazon has a refurbished Arlo security system going for 46 percent off—or about $230 of savings. The system comes with a wireless base station, two wireless cameras, and free cloud storage. The weatherproof HD cameras also have built-in two-way audio that works with Alexa-enabled products, plus have got night vision, motion alerts, and quick-charging batteries. $270.

New bikes

Firmstrong and Sixthreezero Amazon

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If you’re in the market for a new summer bike, today might be the day to buy. Amazon has up to 35 percent off on Firmstrong and Sixthreezero bikes in all speeds, colors, models, and sizes. I’m a fan of this Sixthreezero bike, which comes in black or orange, and has three speeds. It’s also $102 off—now just $189. This way for a full list.

Wireless home phone set

VTech Amazon

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If you are someone that refuses to get rid of their home phone, consider upgrading your system to this wireless VTech phone set, which is on sale for 39 percent off—now $49. It comes with four cordless handsets with caller ID, one of which features a bona fide answering machine. They are all hearing aid compatible.

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