Ring In The New Year With 12 Amazing Images Of Earth

GeoEye celebrates 12 years of snapping images from outer space in one stunning 2013 calendar.
Satellite image courtesy of GeoEye

GeoEye, which continually snaps images of Earth with its Ikonos and GeoEye-1 satellites, has a lovely new calendar series you can download to keep track of the new year. The company chose one image a year since 1999, the year Ikonos launched, and overlaid a 2013 calendar on it. Check out our gallery for a preview.

A committee of GeoEye employees were tapped to offer suggestions for each year, following a set of criteria. Images had to be iconic, historic, or “just stunning,” according to a company spokesman. The calendar team narrowed down images and all the imaging company employees voted on the selections to narrow them down to one image per year. But the company couldn’t resist including a couple honorable mentions, too.

Click through the gallery above for a stunning tour of Earth from space, and to find out how to download your own calendar.