A well-rounded lineup of amazing imagery for you guys this week: there’s an elephant with a phone and a monkey with a cold (animal requirements: fulfilled). There’s a shot of the space shuttle in space, and one of the SpaceX capsule on the ground (space requirements: fulfilled). There are perfumed 3-D printed shoes and ultraviolet pictures of faraway galaxies and many more. Go look! With your eyes!

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The Cygnus Loop Nebula

Looking like a ghostly jellyfish, this ultraviolet shot of the Cygnus Loop Nebula was taken by NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer.

Seed Photomicroscopy

At the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, there’s a massive seed bank as a way to ensure against the total extinction of as many types of plants as possible. There’s a new short film about it–it’s pretty amazing. Take a look here.

Shuttle Island

This shot is so great! Look at the shuttle, it looks like that island. [Chet-Apichet via Gizmodo]

Dear Leader

Apple CEO Tim Cook went to visit Apple’s manufacturing plants in China. Many photographs were taken, and many words have been written.

Eating the Book

This great cookbook/meal is a lasagna with the recipe for lasagna printed right on it! Then you eat it! Where can I get some lasagna does anyone know? [via PSFK]

Slurry From Above

Firefighters drop a whole bunch of neon slurry on a wildfire in Colorado. For more awesome photojournalism like this, head over to American Photo.

Van Gocean

We looooove this video of swirling ocean surface movements. Just the thing to relax you at the end of the week. Read more here.

Monkey Allergies

This monkey (a 19-year-old Japanese macaque) has seasonal allergies! As Associate Editor Paul noted, “his face is all red.”

Smelly Printed Shoes

Aside from the already pretty-cool ability to print a pair of shoes at will, these are even more interesting because they’ve been “impregnated” with scents. No clinical smell of plastics–these are perfumed. Read more here.

Elephant-Sized Phone

Look, we didn’t particularly care for the Samsung Galaxy Note. We found its massive 5.3-inch screen hard to use, its stylus ineffective, its performance sluggish. We are not convinced bigger is better. (We might be in the minority there, since the Note has sold about five million units already, making it a legitimate hit.) But it does have one very happy customer: an elephant. See the video here.

Astronaut, Dragon

SpaceX is getting awfully close to its first demonstration flight. Pictured is NASA astronaut Megan McArthur, performing a crew equipment interface test. Read more here.