The Most Amazing Science Images of the Week, March 19-23, 2012

Good stuff this week! There's a baby elephant face-planting into a beach, there's a 3-D printable set of connectors that'll connect Lego to K'Nex (or any combination of childhood building toys), there's a tray full of eyeballs, and, as always, pretty space pics. Enjoy your weekend!

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The Titanic, 100 Years Later
The April 2012 issue of National Geographic has a cover story with incredible photos of the sunken Titanic, a hundred years after the wreck. Only the newest imaging technology has made these pictures possible. See them over at Nat Geo.Walden Media
Corpse Flower
Cornell University has themselves a prized plant--a corpse flower, otherwise known as _ Amorphophallus titanum_, a massive Sumatran plant that reeks of death. See more pictures (but no smell, unfortunately/fortunately) here.Courtesy of Robert Barker / Cornell, Joe Schwartz / Cornell, Chris Kitchen Photography
Tinker Away
All-in-ones like Apple's iMac are great for saving space, but they lose one defining characteristic and advantage of desktops: easy component swapping. HP's newly announced Z1 aims to change that--it lets you pop the hood and swap out the hard drive, memory, and graphics card, all without any tools needed. Read more here.HP
*Face Plant*
This is a picture of a baby elephant playing on a beach. There are more pictures here.via Buzzfeed
Tire Fire
A young man in Bahrain films a tire fire as he runs by. See more amazing photojournalism like this over at American Photo.REUTERS/Yusuf Ahmad
Google River View
Google Street View now covers part of the Amazon River Basin. Go explore!Google
Tray of Eyeballs
Served at this year's Explorers Club dinner: martinis with skewered eyeballs rather than olives. See the rest of the menu here.Paul Adams
Ooh pretty space pic! This one's of Messier 9, a cluster of stars near the center of the galaxy, and was taken by Hubble. See more at NASA.NASA and ESA
Travellin' Gnome
I do not totally understand this experiment, but it has to do with testing gravity all over the world. What it really means is that there exists a webpage with a bunch of pictures of a tiny gnome in exotic locales.Gnome Experiment
Agnostic Builder
This is really cool! It's a collection of 3-D printable documents that let you (well, provided you have a 3-D printer) pump out connectors that'll connect just about any kind of childhood building component to any other kind. K'Nex to Lincoln Logs! Lego to Tinkertoys! And more! Check it out here.Adapterz