Video: Japanese Mind-Controlled Cat Ears Erect and Flatten To Reflect Your Thoughts


When you think of mind control, you know you dream of having furry cat ears of your own that you can control with your brainwaves. And why not? They’re adorable. They’re also the latest fashion in Japan.

The ears, created by a company called Neurowear, sit on top of a headband which incorporates sensors for brainwave reading. The ears spring to attention when you focus intently, and fold down when you relax your thoughts. Neurowear designed them to act like a natural body part.

We’ve seen a fair amount of brainwave-reading tech, but not much as cute as this. While you can’t compose a symphony with the ears, it is a step toward the sort of science that may help people whose health problems make communication difficult. But what’s next on the science fashion front? Maybe a set of matching whiskers.