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Electric food dehydrator

Excalibur Amazon

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Save 33 percent on a 600-watt Excalibur electric food dehydrator. The nine-tray device weighs 22 pounds and has a temperature range between 105 and 165 degrees. A built-in 7-inch fan circulates the air inside the chamber, which holds 15 square feet of food. That’s a whole lot of jerky or dried fruit. The $230 machine is now available for $155.

Robot vacuums

Eufy Amazon

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Today, Eufy has two of their robot vacuums on sale—the 30 model and their newer, upgraded 35C.

The 6-pound Eufy 30 is 2.85 inches high and can clean for 100 minutes on a single charge. Plus, if it senses a large drop, it turns around. You can steer the vacuum and set cleaning schedules from your phone. It also automatically returns to the charging base when it’s finishing cleaning. If you’re worried about breakables, use the included, 13-foot boundary strips to keep the vacuum out of certain areas. $180.

The 35C has similar functions, but is quieter, with more powerful suction. It also works with smart assistants and has touch controls on top of the vacuum itself. $225.

10TB hard drive


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WD makes my favorite hard drives. Today you can get a whopping 10TB of storage for $180. The USB 3 hard drive works with both PC and Mac. $180.

Tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag

Co-op camping set. REI

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If you haven’t gone camping before and want to buy some gear, you can save 37 percent on a full camping setup, including a tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag. The three items together are just $149, down from $239. The lightweight tent can sleep two people, the sleeping pad uses a plush pad and air for a more comfortable sleep, and the sleeping bag is ideal for temperatures over 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

4-in-1 USB-C adapter

Anker Amazon

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If you’ve got a newer computer, you might notice some of your beloved ports are starting to disappear. Use the code AKCHUB66 at checkout to save an extra $10 on Anker’s 4-in-1 USB-C hub. The 60-watt adapter plugs into an existing USB C port and then gives you another USB C port, two USB-A ports, and a 4K HDMI port. Get it today for $30.

Tech odds and ends

Monoprice Monoprice

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Monoprice has a huge sale—up to 75 percent off—on things like HDMI cables, outdoor speakers, desk risers, and other tech odds and ends. It’s like a flea market of deals, so you might have to sort through a couple pages. Onward.

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