No Man’s Sky Official Release Date Slated For June 21st

Pre-orders are also available, and the game comes with a cool spaceship toy

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Tuesday’s tease is today’s good news: No Man’s Sky finally has an official release date and is live for pre-order.

The massively, massively open-world space exploration game, which earlier this week was teased for pre-order, finally has a release date for this year: June 21.

The game pits users against the harsh wilderness of endless space: endless planets to explore, creatures to name and leave a mark on for the next traveler. It boasts endless gameplay potential, as well as both solo and cooperative play opportunities.

An official release date is a big deal for a game that has suffered numerous setbacks since its inception, and overcome countless hurdles—all to deliver on an experience like no other.

The Explorer’s Edition comes with some stickers, a pin, and a hand-painted, cast metal replica of the spaceship from the game.

Oh, and the pre-order rumor from earlier this week? Pre-orders are available right now for Playstation and Steam.