Delta Rolls Out Fancy Seats for Plebeians

Ultra-swank seats will replace the usual economy class junk

It’s about time the folks in economy class got some lovin’. For years we’ve seen the likes of Virgin Atlantic, Emirates Air, and Singapore Airlines pamper their first-class passengers (Virgin calls tham “Upper Class,” the snobs) with obscenely luxurious seats that stretch out to full length beds, huge television screens everywhere, fluffy slippers, and smokin’ hot flight attendants.

But I myself have been subjected to economy’s trying conditions on several occasions when, between my flounder appetizer and roast duck entree, I turn and get a glimpse between the curtains. So I’m delighted to see that, should I ever have to fly economy again (ha!) I’ll at least be treated with a modicum of the comfort and dignity that we, er, they in the forward classes enjoy.

Behold Thompson Solution’s Cozy Suite, a novel, staggered seating arrangement to debut on Delta Airlines that permits for comfortable sleeping during overnight flights. It offers 31 inches of leg room, which is two inches more than the best of any other economy arrangements, and an elevated seat back designed to enhance privacy and give a nice, cozy place to lay your weary head. Delta expects to roll these out sometime in 2010. Top drawer!

Meanwhile, this very morning the airline posted a $6.4 billion loss in the last quarter. Those better be some seats.