If Silicon Valley Superstars Were ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters

Valley morgulis
The Iron Throne

Season 6 of HBO’s Game of Thrones is almost here! While many fans are pouring over the latest theory as to who dies this season or who may not be dead from the last, we couldn’t help but see a link between the fictional landscape of Westeros and the unicorn-filled Valley of Silicon, which got us thinking: how would our celebrated tech superstars compare to our favorite characters? We are being more than a bit tongue-in-cheek, but here’s how Popular Science thinks the Seven Kingdoms match up with today’s tech landscape.

Eric Schmidt and Olenna Tyrell
Mark Zuckerberg and Jon Snow
Elon Musk and Ramsay Bolton
Sergey Brin / Larry Page and Cersei / Jaime Lannister
Regina Dugan - Daenerys Targaryen
Jack Dorsey - Varys Targaryen
Sheryl Sandberg - Tyrion Lannister
Robin Li - Sansa Stark
Jeff Bezos - Petyr Baelish
Travis Kalanick - Roose Bolton
Evan Spigel - Arya Stark
Chris Sacca - Bran Stark
'Myspace' Tom Anderson - Ned Stark
Edward Snowden - Brienne of Tarth
Reed Hastings - Melisandre
Tim Cook - Tommen Baratheon