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Faafafine individual at Auckland, New Zealand pride parade
First of a kind study finds that after five years, trans children stand firm in their identities.
a female astronaut on the international space station takes a picture of section of the station with equipment
Wooden lacquer-painted tray by Mexican artist José Manuel de la Cerda depicting a war scene at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum collections tag for Indigenous seeds from the University of Michigan
Light brown tarantula with white discharge around mouth being attacked by a nematode worm on a bacteria backsplash
A bronze helmet shown from the front and the side. It has curving horns coming out of the sides of the head, and a birdlike face.
a bushel of lychee, a red, prickly skinned spherical fruit with white, glossy edible flesh surrounding a dark oval shaped seed. two of the lychees' skin is peeled to reveal the white flesh
Fruitcake decorated with holiday frosting sliced on a white dish
Cinque Terre, Italy, landscape with colorful buildings on the cliffs over the seaport