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Harry Potter products

Think Geek Think Geek

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Today, conjure some Harry Potter swag for up to 70 percent off on Think Geek. My personal favorites: the Hogwarts Battle board game, the 3D Patronus lightbox—because it’s purdy—and the Triwizard Cup lamp. Take a look at all the offerings, here.

Camera case

Pelican Amazon

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Save 22 percent on protective Pelican cases for all your camera gear. They are watertight, and each case comes with a foam interior that let’s you cut out shapes to keep specific gear safe and snug. You can snag this 9.7 x 10.6 x 6.9-inch case now for $56.

Off-road ampibious vehicle

RC car Monoprice

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Monoprice’s deal of the day is 40 percent off an RC stunt car. It can be controlled from up to 197 feet away on land, has a battery that lasts for up to 20 minutes, and can even be driven in shallow water. Go ahead and drive it into a wall; in case of flip-over, the large wheels let it drive with either side up. Get the $50 car today for $30.

Power bank

Anker Amazon

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Prep for your upcoming beach ventures, road trips, or camping getaways with a heavy-duty power bank that’ll keep your music blasting or phones in power throughout the weekend. Use the code AASTROE7 on Amazon and get 21 percent off a 26800mAh Anker battery that’ll charge your smartphone up to 8 times. It has three high-speed USB ports, can charge a Nintendo Switch, and is available for $50.

Sheets and glassware

Time to upgrade. Amazon

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If, in the course of organizing your home for spring cleaning, you tossed out tattered bedsheets and chipped glasses, now’s the time to upgrade and replace those items. Amazon has 25 percent off on Riedel wine and martini glasses and 30 percent off a four-piece set of 1000-thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets.

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