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rainbow on a mountain road
What a pleasant thing. Calvin Chou via Unsplash

Colors are simply our brains’ interpretations of light as it is absorbed, reflected, or refracted by objects and bounced into our peepers. The human eye can differentiate between 30 shades of gray and some can see over 100 million unique colors—which is impressive only if you’re not a mantis shrimp, which can distinguish four times the number of hues.

Put another way: color is freaking neat. If you’re not embracing the magnificence that is the many-hued home, you’re missing out on raw joy. Below, a few colorful items to make your life a bit brighter.

Hampton Forge Titanium Cutlery Set
Hampton Forge titanium cutlery set Amazon

These non-stick titanium blades are colorful and dishwasher-safe. There are five knives, five blade guards, and the set comes with a 25-year warranty. $30.

LumiLux Advanced 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Light
LumiLux LED Toilet Light Amazon

The LumiLux toilet light illuminates your bowl in 16 colors. Features include an infrared motion sensor—which detects your body heat and presence—and a light sensor that reacts to light in the room to sustain battery life. There are five brightness settings for the two lighting modes. Have the lights cycle through all the colors or choose a single color. $15.

Fidget Spinner
Fidget Spinner Amazon

Rainbow! Fidget! Spinner! This one has a 5-7-minute “spin life” and is made of brass and copper, with a stainless steel bearing. The colors are mesmerizing. $8.

Color Theory Chart

Color Theory Chart

Color Theory Chart

This color theory Giclée print is a chart from an old Spanish encyclopedia. The 8×10 poster is printed with fade-resistant inks on a matte fine art paper. The frame is not included. $15.

BlueFire LED Ball String Lights
BlueFire LED Ball String Lights Amazon

This string of lights measures 31 feet long and has 50 multi-color LEDs along the transparent cable. There are eight lighting modes—combo, waves, sequential, slow-glo, flash, slow fade, twinkle, and steady—and a timer function that lets you program up to six hours. It uses DC power. $16.

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils 72 Count
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils Amazon

This set comes with 72 wax based pencils with a soft, thick core that makes blending, shading, and making shadows extra smooth. Crayola these are not. $39.

Colorful Solar System Poster
Colorful Solar System Poster Etsy

This solar system Giclée print is on 240 gsm (grams per square meter) cotton rag paper and comes unframed. Read about planets’ many moons and distance from the sun. Educational and attractive! Like me. $28+.

Philips Hue 65W LED Light Bulb
Philips Hue 65W LED Light Bulb Amazon

These bulbs connect to your Wi-Fi router through a bridge—check out this starter kit, which comes a bridge and three bulbs—and can be controlled on an Amazon Alexa or through your smartphone. More to the point, the bulbs can change between 50 thousand shades of white and over 16 million colors. You can control up to 50 bulbs—or other Hue devices—per hub. These are energy-efficient and can last over 20 years. $57.

Pac-Man Atari Watercolor Art
Pac-Man Atari Watercolor Art Etsy

This Pac Man work comes on cold pressed watercolor paper with a textured surface and matte finish. The print comes in nine sizes. Frame not included. $10+.

Flame Test Colors

Flame Test Colors

Flame Test Colors Print

The presence of certain metals causes materials to burn different colors. Magnesium burns bright white. Calcium is a nice orange-red. This print shows the results of a flame test, which are used to identify the presence of a metal ions in a compound. It is printed on an acid-free, 240 gsm luster paper. Frame not included. $12+.

Fitiger Seven Color LED Top Shower Head
Fitiger Seven Color LED Top Shower Head Amazon

This shower head has a tiny built-in generator—only 6v—that is activated by water pressure once the shower is turned on. The LED can display seven colors. $22.

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