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If you were holding out on getting the latest The Legend of Zelda title because of price, today is your lucky day: A copy can be yours for just $50 on Amazon, around $20 off its regular $69.99 pricing.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom $48.95 (Was $69.99)



As someone who owns and has played this game … you are definitely missing out if you don’t. You’ll find great joy in learning the new game mechanics and diving into the plot—literally, you’re skydiving in this game. You don’t even need to play Breath of the Wild, its predecessor, to appreciate the story and gameplay (although your playthrough will be much more informed if you do). Did we mention that both games feature a hot fish prince?

If you’re familiar with the franchise, you know the drill. But if you don’t: Zelda is in trouble. Ganon/Ganondorf* is up to no good. It’s up to Link, the Hero of Time, thee Hylian Champion, to defeat Ganon(dorf) and his monstrous cronies to stop darkness from descending over Hyrule and save Zelda.

*Ganon is the god; Ganondorf is Ganon in human form. You’re welcome.

Of course, you’ll need a Switch console to play the game. For bang for your buck, we prefer the OG model over the Switch Lite or OLED version, but all are venerable options if you play primarily handheld. And, if you’re typically a digital game-only person, you might want to put preferences aside for now: only the physical copy of the game is on sale.

This deal is sure to disappear, much like Zelda in almost every iteration of the franchise. She returns by the end of the game, but we’re not sure if this deal will reappear, even after a long, arduous journey, so grab Tears of the Kingdom to avoid shedding tears of frustration.

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