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We’ve made it to 2023, which means the PopSci commerce and gear team has decided what our resolutions will be and what we’ll need to achieve them. It’s okay to be a New Year’s resolution skeptic—there are plenty of potential pitfalls in trying to make literal life-changing decisions overnight—but we’re taking a different approach. Our goals can be accomplished little by little over the course of the year, the gear we’re using won’t take up too much space, and we’re not afraid of facing some setbacks every little while. After all, it’s only self-care if it doesn’t cost you mental health. If you’re scrambling to figure out how to make your New Year’s resolutions happen, we hope our gear suggestions can provide a little clarity (and encouragement).

Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50

Jen McCaffery


An estimated 30 to 40 percent of the food supply in the United States is wasted, according to the USDA. If you’re looking to cut down on the amount of food waste you send to the landfill in 2023, Vitamix’s FoodCycler FC-50 can help. Just toss your vegetable peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds, and even chicken bones into the 2-liter container and press the on button. About four hours later, your scraps are turned into nutrient-rich soil you can use for your houseplants or in your garden. — Jen McCaffery, Director of Commerce

Kindle Paperwhite



Too many times in 2022, I found myself laying in bed at 2 a.m., basking in the hypnotizing glow of TikTok. The lure of people arguing with belligerent neighbors or endless strings of air fryer chicken thigh recipes is just too strong. This year, I’m determined to replace those hours spent mindlessly swiping with reading, and I’m counting on Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite to help me pull it off. The 6.8-inch touchscreen offers soft, warm light that won’t mess with my sleep after a marathon session spent reading Brandon Sanderson. Plus, the latest version charges via USB-C, so it’ll help my other resolution of getting rid of all the MicroUSB cables hanging around my house. — Stanley Horaczek, Executive Editor

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee machine

Mr. Coffee


The iced coffee I like at a well-known chain has recently risen to nearly $6. Not even a raging caffeine addiction can justify that cost. This super-simple machine doesn’t rely on wasteful coffee pods and comes with an insulated cup, even though it works with pretty much any other cold up. It simply brews hot coffee over iced cubes, which is sure to make your coffee snob pals bristle, but it’s still better (and even cheaper) than the gas station swill I’ve been known to drink in the past. Plus, all that saved money leaves room in the coffee budget for fancy syrups to spruce up the wallet-friendly brew. — Stanley Horaczek, Executive Editor

Kindle Scribe



I’m trying to (finally) complete The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron’s crash course in kickstarting your creativity after about two years of stopping halfway. Part of the journey includes journaling three pages every morning—simply called “morning pages.” If you do the math, that’s a lot of pages and trees. I’m hoping the Kindle Scribe—with its paperwhite display and pen that won’t leave ink marks on my hands first thing in the morning—will help protect the environment and be the fancy, shiny, neat thing that gives me enough dopamine to organize my morning pages and complete the separate chapter prompts in one convenient, digital place. Spiritual and creative clarity, here I come. — Amanda Reed, Commerce Updates Writer

Garmin Forerunner 955



Setting a fitness goal is one thing, but having a way to track your progress and keep you motivated is another beast entirely. Garmin’s Forerunner 955 is sleek and attractive, so you won’t mind wearing it all day, but it has a nearly endless list of features and tricks. Though it’s geared toward runners, it can track a long list of activities. It also connects to your phone for full smartwatch capabilities and provides workout suggestions when you are stumped on how to move on a given day. Plus, it makes it easy to see how your training is going and how you are progressing toward your goals, giving you specific insight on how you can improve when needed. — Abigail Ferguson, Associate Editor PopPhoto

Nest Hub Max Smart Display



Eating out (and ordering in) has always been pricier than cooking at home, but that is more true than ever right now. It’s hard fighting the temptation just to tap a few buttons and have food magically show up ready to eat at your door but, for me, having an easy way to follow recipes helps. I’m a recent Nest Hub enthusiast but have loved the larger screen that always stays on as I work through the steps of a recipe. And it makes it easy to store recipes I like in one place. But the biggest bonus is the ability to play music on something other than my phone, so I can jam out while I cook. It does wonders for making me not mind being in the kitchen even after a long day of work. — Abigail Ferguson, Associate Editor PopPhoto

Ring Fit Adventure



I will be making a concerted effort to be more active after years of COVID-inflicted lethargy, but my tool of choice may seem a little strange: a video game. Ring Fit Adventure is a game for the Nintendo Switch that comes with a Pilates ring and leg strap with slots for the system’s Joy-Con controllers. Accelerometers and gyroscopes in the Joy-Con can track your movement, which correlates to actions happening in the game. Instead of passively choosing an attack, you defeat enemies by doing squats, curls, and other exercises. As an avid gamer, I hope Ring Fit Adventure can slot into my lifestyle more easily than a set of barbells. — Brandt Ranj, Commerce Reporter

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit



Repairing technology can feel daunting, especially when many companies make documentation and spare parts difficult (if not impossible) to get, but that will not deter me next year. I have a great deal of respect for iFixit, a site that offers step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble and reassemble gadgets along with links to parts when possible. The site offers a tool kit with bits, spudgers, tweezers, and everything else you’ll need to get into your gear safely and easily. This kit is notable for featuring pentalobe screws, which are proprietary and designed by Apple. If you plan on joining the DIY movement next year, this kit deserves a spot in your workspace. — Brandt Ranj, Commerce Reporter

Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2

Bowers & Wilkins


I’m ashamed to say I have a huge music backlog, but I plan to listen to one new (to me) album from front to back every day in 2023. I reserve the right to listen to one disc of a two-CD (or LP) record because I make the rules. While I love speakers, my tool of choice this time will be Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2s, which are infinitely more portable. These Bluetooth headphones are the closest I’ve come to taking my at-home audio system—which consists of wired headphones, a tube amp, and a DAC—with me everywhere I go. Music sounds superb, the headphones are very comfortable, and their active noise cancellation is always top-notch. This is the resolution I’m most excited about, if for no other reason than spending dozens of hours with the Px7 S2s on my head. Maybe, if I’m feeling extra committed, I’ll even upgrade to the B&W Px8, the brand’s flagship wireless headphones that further refine the physical build and sonic profile. — Brandt Ranj, Commerce Reporter

Brava Oven Starter Set



Cooking at home more often is my final resolution of 2023, and the Brava Oven is the key to making it happen. The 10-in-1 oven supports multi-zone heating and makes a whole dinner faster than a conventional oven or stovetop. The oven can be operated using an app or its built-in touch screen, and Brava is continually updating its recipe library with new dishes to fit any dietary restrictions. Yes, it’s luxe, but cutting out one takeout order per week using the Brava will allow the machine to pay for itself. — Brandt Ranj, Commerce Reporter

OTOTO Gracula Garlic Crusher



I love garlic and plan on cooking more. This Gracula garlic crusher takes knife work out of the equation when presentation isn’t important and helps you get close to a minced consistency in a fraction of the time. On top of saving prep time, a way to work more fresh garlic into meals has the benefits of being a natural antibacterial/detoxifier, aiding blood circulation/lowered blood pressure, while also repelling vampires. Plus, it just tastes good. — Billy Cadden, Director of Commerce

AQUAFIT One Gallon Water Bottle



I wish this fit into my Aarke seltzer maker, but I guess good old-fashioned flat water will do. While attempting to cook more garlic-rich meals and use my Tempo daily, I decided to snag a gallon water bottle to keep me hydrated. Or at least try to convince me to stay hydrated. I bet you $10 it sits on my bedside table with the same water for weeks. — Billy Cadden, Director of Commerce

Arc’teryx Kyanite AR Hoodie and Pearl iZUMi Prospect Barrier Jacket

Arc’Teryx/Pearl iZUMi


In 2023, I want to get outdoors more. Hiking. Biking. Though I love reporting on tech, I need to get away from it more, even if for only a few hours. Just because I’m coming out of my virtual (and real) shell doesn’t mean I won’t need a protective layer or two, however. The Arc’teryx Kyanite AR Hoodie is a multisport midlayer that’s far from middle of the road. A worthwhile investment, it’s light, soft, stretchy, and, most importantly, surprisingly warm when traveling on the trail. Did I say I’m coming out of my shell? That doesn’t mean I won’t need some wind and water resistance if I’m in the saddle in the city, so I’m also hanging the Pearl iZUMi Prospect Barrier Jacket in my closet when I need something to cut a brisk breeze and absorb a bit of light rain and road spray. — Tony Ware, Associate Managing Editor, Commerce

Vasque Men’s Breeze Waterproof Hiking Boots

Tony Ware


If I’m going to maintain my getting-outdoors-more resolution throughout 2023, I need accessories that can also go the distance. And one of the most important is trusty mid-range footwear. Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to … boot … the Vasque Breeze immediately impressed me by requiring zero break-in, then continued to impress me with its stability and traction. While I haven’t submerged my feet to test the proprietary VasqueDry waterproofing fully, I’ve had no complaints following some light but sustained drizzles. And, with each component of the boot’s construction being made from 25%, 60%, and sometimes 100% recycled materials, I can feel better for the Earth as I explore it. — Tony Ware, Associate Managing Editor, Commerce