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It’s hard to feel nostalgic about old PC towers. They took up way too much space, and the fans made them sound like the industrial compressors required to keep a bouncy castle inflated. Mini PCs solve both of those problems, and right now you can save hundreds on them at Amazon.

These miniature computers are often the size of a delicious panini but pack all the power and hardware required to accomplish most common computing tasks. Of course, the specs you choose will heavily influence its overall performance, but almost all of them punch above their weight, especially when you can get a solid discount.

This tiny PC measures 4.96″ x 4.44″ x 1.57″, which makes it tiny enough to cram just about anywhere. Let it take up a small amount of space on your desk, or mount it somewhere out of the way so it’s totally invisible. Despite its tiny size, it offers ample power, including an AMD Ryzen 5 CPU, 16GB RAM, and a 500GB SSD. It also offers Bluetooth, WiFi 6, and five USB ports for accessories.

It’s not a powerful gaming machine, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise with this price and form factor. If you’re looking to build a media center, replace a noisy work computer, or just have a machine to mess around with, this is a great option.

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