Four-Legged Robot Can Open Doors

Bounce, bounce, bounce

Ghost Robotics Minitaur

Ghost Robotics Minitaur

This robot climbs up stairs, over fences, and can open doors. It's a good thing it only has about 20 minutes of battery power.Screenshot by author, from YouTube

Just over a foot in length from hip to hip, the Ghost Minitaur from Ghsot Robotics is about the size of a typical cat, and at over 13 pounds, just a little heavier. It’s nimble, bouncing up stairs and traveling along level ground at around 4 mph. And while it may not have cat-like reflexes, its legs are smart sensors providing the feedback needed for all sorts of tricks.

Like opening doors.

And climbing fences.

The springy gait is closely linked to one of Minitaur’s main design features: it is powered by direct drive and so has no gearing. This allows the motors to act as sensors, letting it feel its way over obstacles. The motor also acts like a spring-damper system so, even though the legs are rigid, the robot is bouncy.

Watch a short video about it below: