AIGEREK air fryer

Air fryers make crispy chicken wings and mozzarella sticks without much oil, and can even tackle delicate foods like salmon. This 3.4-quart AIGEREK air fryer is on sale for 17 percent off, so it’s now just $50. The countertop appliance circulates hot air around your basket of food to cook and crisp it up evenly. The digital display and touchpad allows you to see the temperature and how much time is left. It’s also got pre-programmed times and temperature settings for dishes like french fries and wings. $50. Monoprice

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John Boos cutting boards and cutting board oil

Today, save up to 30 percent on John Boos cutting boards and cutting board oil. The liquid keeps your wooden surfaces from cracking and drying out. All you have to do is soak the cutting board overnight, wash it off, and then let it air dry. There are eight cutting board options of various sizes and wood types. They range in price from $56-$139. Amazon

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Sun Joe electric pressure washer

Spring is the season of pressure washer deals, apparently, so now’s your chance to blast away the winter grime from your house facade, deck, or car. Today, you can save up to 40 percent on Sun Joe pressure washer gear, including scented car wash cleaner, a deck and patio cleaning attachment, and an extra hose for the pressure washer. The pressure washer is 35 percent off—now $160—and comes with five spray tips for various degrees of cleaning power, and features an adjustable detergent dial. The 46.5-pound cleaner can spray up to 1.48 gallons of water per minute, or about 2,300 PSI. You can get one today for $160. Amazon

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite has once again dropped down $30—now on the market for $100. The 6.8-ounce, waterproof device has a 300-pixel-per-inch, glare-free screen, holds 8 GB of media, and can hold a charge for weeks. You can also change the size and font of the books you read. Buy ebooks in the Kindle store or audiobooks via Audible. $100. With all our product stories, the goal is simple: more information about the stuff you’re thinking about buying. We may sometimes get a cut from a purchase, but if something shows up on one of our pages, it’s because we like it. Period. Amazon

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