What you are about to see is a video of a father using a drone to remove a child’s tooth. Let me be very clear: this is not something Popular Science endorses or condones, as the combination of child, tooth, rope, and quadcopter could go very poorly. That said, just freakin’ look at this thing:

Here’s the play-by-play. The kid, Adam, has a loose tooth, so naturally pops decided to attach a Phantom Vision Quadcopter to it. Adam seems pretty pumped about the whole thing.

The drone hovers at the ready, and with a thumbs up from Adam, the quadcopter skyrockets into the air, pulling the tooth in one short, quick movement.

Adam then happily treats viewers to the bloody gap in his mouth where the tooth once was. All told, it’s a surprisingly clean and smooth operation. Finding the tooth is after that is tricky, but perhaps the parents could claim that the tooth fairies snatched-it in mid-air. If Adam’s clever, maybe he’ll negotiate, instead of some coins under his pillow, for a share of advertising revenue from this video.

Adam isn’t the first kid to get a tooth pulled in a weird way. YouTube is full of videos where rockets, cars, bow-fired arrows, and all manner of strange and excessive contraptions Rube Goldberg loose teeth from their perch. Adam isn’t even the first kid to have a quadcopter remove a tooth. Last year, another dad (it is always dads) attached dental floss to his daughter’s tooth and then back to his Phantom quadcopter, and then pulls away! Amidst a crowd of filming onlookers, the daughter calmly looks for her tooth while her dad screams in delight.

Watch below: