The four raddest cars spotted at this year’s LA Auto Show

Concepts and special editions from this year's exhibition.
Lincoln Navigator concept
If you think the winged doors on the Tesla Model X are cool, check out the massive top-hinged doors on the Lincoln Navigator. The full-size SUV also has fold-away stairs to make entry and exit easier and seats that adjust 30 ways. And in the rear, there's a "custom wardrobe management system" that has compartments for clothing and accessories. Lincoln says 90 percent of what you see here will make it to the street version in 2018. Kristen Hall-Geisler

The Los Angeles Auto Show grows every year, which means more auto manufacturers are bringing cooler cars and concepts to show off. Below, the four most interesting cars at this year’s show.

Hyundai Autonomous Ioniq
Jaguar I-Pace
2017 Nissan Rogue Star Wars Edition