Yesterday, Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller dropped another tantalizing hint about the new series on Twitter. He tweeted out a picture of what looked like antennae sticking out from a cast member’s head, noting that it was taken during a makeup test for the show.

Even though the antennae aren’t blue, the picture prompted rampant speculation that this means that an Andorian (a blue-skinned, blue-blooded alien pretty common to the Star Trek universe) might be on the show.


Mary Beth Griggs as an Andorian

No longer one of the “pink skins,” as Andorians call humans in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Then again, the shape of these antennae, with their pointed tips, are slightly different from the Andorians’ seen on previous Star Trek shows and movies. So, while it could just be a look at an unfinished pair of Andorian antennae, it could also be a new species, or an update to the species…something that has a precedent in Star Trek:

Thanks to an announcement at ComicCon last month, we do know some details about the new series, like what the ship on the show, the USS Discovery will look like. Hopefully there might be some new spoilers soon in the lead up to the series premiere in 2017.

Come on, who doesn’t like being a little spoiled?