Boston Dynamics Robots Make Reindeer Obsolete

In a sinister Christmas video, prancing military machines pull a sleigh

Move over reindeer, it’s Rudolph the red-nosed robot now. Boston Dynamics, the maker of military-grade robots capable of carrying cargo, balancing, running really fast, and hurling cinderblocks across the room wants to wish you a happy holidays. And also give your children nightmares before christmas.

Spot, Boston Dynamic’s smallest pack mule/headless robodog has been spotted wearing antlers, bells and even a red nose before, in its introduction video earlier this year.

Apparently the team decided to take the idea and hitch a sleigh filled with presents to it. It must be a relaxing break from Spot’s day job training with Marines at Quantico.

Only one big questions remains. If, for some reason Santa did decide to use robot reindeers to pull his sleigh, would it be more or less difficult for NORAD’s Santa Tracker to keep tabs on him? We’ve reached out to the North Pole, and will let you know if we hear anything back.