Indoor garden kits for any space

Every good idea starts with a seed.

Potted plants next to a window
Plant kits for small spaces.Carolyn V via Unsplash

Making something grow from a tiny seed can feel like having a superpower, especially if you live in an apartment where the only green you see on a daily basis is the color of your bath towels. With these easy garden kits, you don’t have to worry about letting anyone down. Believe that you’ve got what it takes to come home to spiky, fragrant, graceful greenery.

Indoor/Outdoor Herb Garden Kit by Dryden Trading Company
Who knew a windowsill could smell this good?Amazon

The standout feature of this kit is a handsome wooden box made from fir and pine, which at 6 inches deep and 16 inches long sits right at home on most windowsills. You plant these culinary herbs—sweet basil, bouquet dill, cilantro, parsley, and oregano—right in the box using the included soil which expands when you add water. Chalk and slate markers invoke the style of your favorite farm-to-table, even when the cityscape outside your window does not.

LUKAT Light-up Terrarium for Kids
STEM with stems.Amazon

At a great price, you can help your kids learn more about the natural world without completely giving up tech. Sprout wheatgrass and chia seeds by layering the included soil, sand, and rocks. Customize the terrarium with stickers from the kit, and then encourage your young scientist to carefully record developments in a tiny notebook. You can both geek out over the rechargeable LED jar, which can double as a nightlight to illuminate their creation.

Planters' Choice Bonsai Starter Kit
Patience can be cultivated.Amazon

There’s no question that growing bonsai trees is a commitment—they can live for hundreds of years. This inexpensive kit is gentle with beginners, though, with four types of trees (including Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine and flame tree) and multiple seeds per species. The manufacturer offers handy guidelines that walk you through each step as you patiently turn your indoor garden into an art form.