Six giant backyard games for your next outdoor party

Jumbo versions of the classics.

large chess
Bigger is better and larger games are just more fun.Randy Fath via Unsplash

You might love a good game of checkers, but when it’s way too nice to be sitting in your house shuffling dinky checkers pieces around, outdoor games are the way to go. Bring the usual suspects outside in a huge way with giant backyard versions of your favorite board and card games. Who wouldn’t want to play a round of Solitaire that takes up the entire backyard? Here are five great giant games to enjoy with friends.

Matty's Toy Stop Deluxe Giant Checkers
Checker out this huge checker set from Matty's Toy Shop. The set weighs about four pounds and includes a foldable, four-by-four-foot, tear-resistant mat. Instead of playing with plastic pieces, this game comes with 24 six-inch foam ones. The entire system fits in a carrying case, making it easy to transport or store when you’re not using it.Amazon
Tailgating Pros Giant 'Four Connect in a Row' game
Connect with your family and friends with a giant round of knockoff Connect Four. The three-foot-by-two-foot game comes with a painted wooden base and 42 plastic, 3.5-inch pucks that fit inside the included carrying case.Amazon
GoSports Giant Wooden Playing Dice Set
This weather-resistant giant outdoor Yahtzee comes with six 3.5-cubic-inch, dice made of pine that feature dots burned into the wood. You'll also get a dry-erase board to keep score and a bag. The bag is great for tossing the dice and makes it easy to bring the game with you wherever you go.Amazon
Giant Jenga
The yard-covering Jenga set comes with 54 polished hardwood blocks measuring 7.13 -by-2.38 -by-1.38-inches. The stack peaks at just over five feet tall. The collection comes with a carrying case, making the bundle 26 pounds in all.Amazon
Prextex giant playing cards
These giant playing cards makes solitaire way more hilarious—and do an excellent job hiding your bad poker face. The 54 cards (with two jokers included) measure 10.5-by-14.5 inches, which is 15 times the size of normal playing cards. They're coated in plastic, so you can play them outside in any condition, or even use them as placemats.Amazon
Yard Games Giant Pong
Beer Pong is a party classic that’s a blast regardless of the drinking component. Ditch the beer and upgrade to this Giant Yard Pong set that comes with 12 nine-inch-tall buckets and two balls made of thick, durable plastic. The bundle comes with a rule book, and all the buckets stack on top of each other and fit in an over-the-shoulder polyester carrying case. You probably won’t want to fill these giant buckets with beer. Water, sand, or dirt will do just fine.Amazon