The World’s Oldest Face

In other gross/awesome things news, this is the world’s oldest known face, reconstructed in 3-D. It’s an armored fish called Romundina, 410 million years old, back when faces weren’t such a common trait.

High-Speed Foam Photos

Ger Kelliher took this awesome high-speed photo of sea foam. But what is sea foam? We have this answered, just for you.

Animal Chairs

Maximo Riera 3-D prints tiny animal chairs that are too small to sit in, unless you are an incredibly small person, in which case, congrats! Here is a chair for you.

Futuristic Cacti

Big cities get all the futuristic design love, but in Oaxaca, Mexico, a design team projects a lightshow on to a cactus garden, making what you see here.

Hotel Sub

You can spend a night in this luxury hotel sub for only $285,000, you insane billionaire, you.

Vintage iPad TV

What is this trend of dressing up new gadgets with old, vintage gadgets? There must be some weird cognitive dissonance thing people like. Anyway, this is one of the cooler ones. Queue up some Twilight Zone.
What would it look like if Silicon Valley companies created their own cities? Ha! What a crazy idea that is. Alfred Twu via Co.Exist

Space Tank

This tank thing will carry NASA’s Space Launch System to the launchpad. It seems like it would be handy in an alien invasion, too.


What would it look like if there was a giant alpine ski course in the middle of Manhattan? The Times is on it. It is bananas.