6 DIY Gadgets That Will Care For Your Pet While You’re Away

Using Arduino or other micro-controllers, build a device to automatically feed, water, or snap photos of your pet
VCR Cat Feeder
This DIY device employs the programmable timer already built into a VCR to schedule delivery of cat kibbles. James Larsson via Makezine.com

The holiday season is nearly here. Along with the pleasures (Ooh, fruitcake!) and anxieties (Ugh, fruitcake?) that accompany this time of year, there’s a worry particular to pet owners: Who’ll feed Fido or Tiger while I’m out of town?

There are enough weekends left between now and Thanksgiving to build one of these automated gadgets. They’ll either feed or water your beloved companion while you’re away, or at least auto-snap photos of your pet’s adorable antics. The projects range from easy to anything-but, so you should be able to pick one that either matches your skills, or gives them a pleasant stretch.

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Water Warden
(AT)tiny Fish Feeder
Twitter-controlled Pet Feeder
Crittergram Capture Cam