This Robot Gives High-Beaming Drivers A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

It happens. You’re on the road, at night, maybe you’re in the left lane, and a driver screeches up behind you, tailgating, high-beams flashing, to coax you into the other lane. What if you could get sweet, bright revenge?

Well, here is your neon sign telling you: DO NOT FIND A WAY TO DO THIS. That would be dangerous. Although there _is _a way to do this, it’s just a proof of concept.

Okay? Okay.

A savvy DIY-er created the LuxBlaster, an Arduino-based mini-robot that can detect the strongest point of light in its view, and beam light back if the source reaches a certain threshold of brightness. This could (theoretically!) teach those drivers a lesson.

The creators has the instructions available online, but again, don’t take it on the road.

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