200 Projects And Counting: Submit Your Idea To #CrowdGrant [Video]

There's still time to submit a kick-butt crowdfunding project to Popular Science's #CrowdGrant Challenge. The last day to enter is June 30.

Update 1: We have extended the deadline to Sunday, June 30, by 11:59 p.m. EDT. Hooray!

Update 2: Our 24 finalist projects are now live and ready for crowdfunding at popularscience.rockethub.com! Take a look and contribute to the projects you’re excited about in exchange for cool rewards.

In April, Popular Science launched the #CrowdGrant Challenge to help scientists, thinkers, and makers turn their amazing project ideas into a reality with the power of crowdfunding.

The response has been incredible. We’ve received more than 200 submissions from readers like you—project ideas such as space station experiments, electric cars, algae bioreactors, a new way to clean up oil spills, reimagined guitar pickups, and even a fully functional Iron Man costume.

Keep filing these great proposals with RocketHub.com, our partner and premiere crowdfunding platform that’s handling #CrowdGrant submissions (note: you must use this link to submit a project).

The June 15 deadline is closing in, so don’t delay! Submit your idea soon. If you’ve already sent in a project, or started a submission but haven’t finished, it’s time to refine, polish, and perfect.

We made a short video with three simple yet hugely important tips for crafting a kick-butt #CrowdGrant pitch, or for any crowdfunding project in general. Watch it below. Once you’re done, check out RocketHub.com’s Success School. (You don’t want to miss this wealth of free, great advice for succeeding at crowdfunded projects.)

If this is the first you’ve heard about #CrowdGrant, please read our original announcement. For questions related to RocketHub.com, their detailed FAQ is a great place to start.

Complete submissions are due by Saturday, June 15, by 11:59 p.m. EDT, and you must use https://rockethub.com/partners/popularscience/ to submit. For the “Set Your Time Limit” section of the submission, enter today’s date.

Editors at Popular Science and experts at RocketHub will review, vet, and select all #CrowdGrant finalists. Winning submissions will attempt to make the world a better place while embodying the innovative spirit that Popular Science greatly values. Submissions should be related to science, technology, mathematics, or engineering.

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Still have questions? Email us at crowdgrant@popsci.com