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Smart TVs

Vizio Walmart

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Discount televisions abound over on Vizio’s website and on For example, the Vizio P65-F1, a 65-inch 4K smart TV, is $200 off. The 54.28-pound set has no bezel around the edge and boasts both Vizio SmartCast and Chromecast built in. Plus it works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can use these digital assistants to turn on the TV, pause your show, or nudge up the volume. You can also control the TV via the included remote control or with your smartphone. The Active Full Array LED Pro has 100 zones that can independently dim, giving you deeper blacks. There are five HDMI ports, an ethernet port, one USB port, and a digital optical out port. It’s on sale today for $998.

You can also get the 75-inch model for $1,648.

If you want a large screen but don’t have a need for a bunch of fancy features, Vizio’s E-Series E70-F3 measures 70 inches and costs $798. The 70-inch screen can be controlled with your voice assistants, has both Google Chromecast and Vizio’s SmartCase OS, and a beautiful 4K HD picture. There are fewer local dimming zones—this set has 12 compared to the P65-F1’s 100—so the contrast won’t be as good on this set. That means it’ll be harder to see dark scenes, for example.

Caseta wireless lighting system

Lutron Amazon

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Today you can save $25 on my favorite smart lighting product, Lutron’s Caseta wireless system. The two-switch starter kit comes with a smart hub and lets you control the lights with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. It’s the most reliable lighting system I’ve tried and works pretty seamlessly with all of the smart assistants I have in my home. If you don’t want to control the lights via a voice assistant or app, you can use the included remotes. $125.

Atom PD 1 wall charger

Anker Amazon

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For the first time, Anker’s Atom PD 1 wall charger is on sale for 14 percent off—now $25. The compact cube delivers a whopping 30-watt output. You can even charge your USB-C powered laptop at full speed with this little thing. It’ll charge your phone two and a half times faster than the plug that came with your smartphone. $25.

Water cooler I heard about near the water cooler

Avalon Amazon

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Avalon’s stainless steel self-cleaning water cooler has three temperature buttons options and uses sediment filters to provide constant clean water for up to 6 months. It hooks up to a water line, so you don’t need to hulk giant bottles. The hot button pours water around 187 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great for tea or instant noodles. $200.

If you don’t have access to a water line, Avalon is offering a $100 discount on a version that uses 3- and 5-gallon water bottles. This machine lets you load the bottles underneath, so you won’t have to lift heavy, gallon water bottles to install them. $200.

Legend HD binoculars

Bushnell Amazon

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Summertime is almost here, so get ready for bird watching, concerts, and baseball games. If your eyesight is getting worse—like mine—grab some binoculars. If you don’t have any, today you can save 30 percent on these 10x-magnifying Bushnell Legend HD binoculars. They’ve got a water-repellent lens coating and are super lightweight—just 1.54 pounds. They come with a soft carrying case and cost $138.

Self-cleaning slicker brush

Hertzko Amazon

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Today, this Hertz pet brush is on sale for $11.50 (it was $16). The brush has retractable brushes, making it easy to wipe away fur after you brush your pet. You won’t have to sit there trying to pick every piece of hair from the bristles by hand.

Roav C2 Pro

Anker Amazon

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This ROAV dash cam C2 Pro from Anker usually sells for $150, but if you use the code ROAVC2AP at checkout, you can get one for $110. It has a four-lane lens, 1080p LCD screen, and night vision. It’s equipped with a 32GB SD card and a shock-activated sensor that will trigger recording even if you aren’t near your car. You’re always covered in event of an accident. $110.

Smart plugs

Teckin Amazon

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Smart plugs are great for turning all your electronics into the fancy versions you can control remotely via your phone. Today, you can pick up two Teckin smart plugs for 20 percent off. Just use the code UCJTNREM at checkout. Each plug has a dedicated power switch on the front, but it can also be controlled—with no external hub—via Alexa or Google Assistant or using their Smart Life App. The app also gives you insight into energy usage and lets you schedule routines. Get the two plugs today for $16.

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