Laid Pretty: Five Bird Eggs That Are Beautiful Even Without Dye

Decorated by nature

Easter is almost here, and with it, the annual crafting ritual of dyeing, coloring, painting, and otherwise bedazzling eggs with all kinds of designs.

Nature also has plenty of beautifully weird egg designs, many with the express purpose of camouflaging the egg from predators. But some are beautifully colorful. Fabergé might not be jealous, but he might be inspired. Click through the gallery to explore for yourself.

Robin’s Egg

Robins have one of the most distinctive and beautiful eggs around. One study has shown that male robin parents are more involved with their children when the eggs are brighter.

Cetti’s Warbler Eggs

The bright red/copper eggs of a Cetti’s warbler are very small, but still easy to spot.

Emu Egg

Think quail’s eggs are fancy? Emu eggs can weigh up to two pounds, and despite their alarming size, are prized as a delicacy around the world.

Great Tinamou Eggs

With a bright greenish-blue shell, this is considered to be among the most beautiful eggs in the world.

Lesser Nighthawk Eggs

The lesser nighthawk lays eggs that mimic its stony surroundings.