There's No Way In Hell This Is The Apple Car

Motor Trend magazine speculates on the tech company's auto, to unbelievable results

Last night, Motor Trend magazine tweeted this from its official account: "Check back tomorrow to see if we found the #AppleCar," along with a severely-cropped image of a gold-colored vehicle with a silver hubcab, the latter emblazoned with Apple's recent logo.

As it turns out, the magazine did not find the Apple Car. Instead, Motor Trend drafted faculty and students from the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, known for its influence on auto design, to create entirely speculative renderings of what an Apple Car might look like. The magazine then created a lengthy cover story chronicling their design process, which was published today, alongside a few other pieces where industry experts opine on this hypothetical vehicle. Since Motor Trend's piece contained no authentic information about Apple's actual long-rumored plans to develop a car, it shouldn't surprise anyone the response from other tech and auto journalists to the article was not kind.