This week’s collection of images take us from Arctic fashion to a three-year-old’s stomach, from India to Mars, from sharks to lions. Good stuff.

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What If the Eameses Made Electric Guitars?

Core77 shows off the guitar craftsmanship of Greg Opalik, who makes Eames furniture during the day and lovingly sculptured Sinuous Guitars in his off-hours.

The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science

These new renderings of the forthcoming Miami museum are impressive, and somewhat alarming.

Do You See a Bird?

This image of the Seagull Nebula’s 100-light-year wingspan was NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day yesterday.

Mercedes With Cloaking Device

In the latest Mercedes commercial, one side of this F-Cell car has a camera recording the scenery it passes, while the other side displays that scenery on a field of LEDs, effectively letting you see through the car. Engadget has the video.

A Dust Devil on Mars

Pictured: a Martian dust devil twisting across the Martian Amazonis Planitia region. The 100-foot-wide column of swirling air was captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter last month as it passed over the northern hemisphere of Mars.

Do Not Eat Your Ultra-Powerful Toy Magnets

Payton, a curious three-year-old in Oregon, was playing with those toy magnets that you’re not supposed to play with if you’re too young, and not supposed to eat ever. The child was cut open and the magnets were safely retrieved. Watch the report.

Bricklaying Woman

Channi Anand captured this image of a female bricklayer at a plant on the outskirts of Jammu, Indian, on International Women’s Day. Anand is an AP photographer based in and around India. From American Photo.

Fashion Among the Crystals of Power

io9 points out that the Chanel show in Paris this week is oddly reminiscent of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. But more fashiony.

Firestorm Birth

This image, from Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3, shows the chaos of star birth, dust, and collision out in the giant elliptical galaxy Centaurus A. Read more here.

Car Interiors

We discovered the Car Interiors tumblr this week, and spent a fair portion of the following days browsing it. Hard to explain why this is so mesmerizing, but we could always look at just one more. And maybe one after that.


This shot, and a whole bunch of others, were taken with a little camouflaged beetle-like camera-robot. The lions don’t seem to be afraid of it–though they are curious.

Lambo Avento

The Lamborghini Aventador, seen here, was one of a whole mess of sweet cars seen at this year’s Geneva Auto Show, held this past week.