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Robots photo

Our Telepresence Avatar

Today at Stanford’s Robot Block Party, we are running around inside an Adept Robotics MT400 robot, from the comfort of our desks in New York. We can see everything the robot sees, and so can you, right here.

16:30 I can see and hear masses of humans at the party, but my wheels don’t seem to be working.

16:42 Why is everyone looking at that other robot? Over here, guys!

16:43 I have been switched into Autonomous Drive Mode. Where am I going?

16:49 The kindly gentleman in the navy blue shirt who is explaining how I work is Travis.

16:52 Would everybody at Stanford please stop using the internet for a minute till my stream buffers?


16:59 Battery low. Dock! Dock!

17:01 I see your legs.

17:07 Switched into Follow Mode, aggressively pursuing juvenile humans. COME HERE YOU SCAMP

Robots photo

Emergency Stop

17:15 Phew. I need to recharge.

17:30 Still resting on my dock.

17:35 Who hit my emergency brake?

17:42 I am a little envious that my neighbor robot has an arm.

17:44 Hey! Careful with that thing, armbot.

18:06 We are disconnecting from the telepresence for now. Thanks for attending!