Five Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page

Facebook page remodels aren’t just for the technologically savvy. Here are five ways to make your page reflect your interests.

Change the Look
Enough with the blue and white. The FaceTweak plugin for Firefox allows greater creative control of your social surfing. Pick from 20 new backgrounds, then lock the menus at the top of the window, highlight birthdays, and zoom photos by mousing over them.

Make a Clean Break
Hiding your ex will keep her out of your newsfeed, but friend suggestions and new photos will still crop up. Eternal Sunshine for Chrome conceals stream and profile updates, albums and more, without the social awkwardness of people finding out you unfriended them.

Elevate Your Status
If you’re stumped for a status update, the Generatus generator will come up with one for you (example: “Sarah is wondering how to set a laser printer to stun”). Or type your status here, to turn it into upside-down text.

Make It Official
Professionals need something a bit slicker than the default fan page. Business owners can build a Facebook landing page on Pagemodo with customizable templates that incorporate photos and videos and offer a wide selection of colors and fonts.

Cut the Fat
Toss all the clutter for a stripped-down page. Download the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox, or GreaseKit for Safari, then copy the script here and select the ads, invites and other types of information that you’d rather not see. The code is open to tinkering as Facebook changes.