To help highlight the immense destruction that befell Haiti as a result of the recent earthquake, satellite imaging company GeoEye has teamed up with Google to produce a plug-in for Google Earth that allows users to view shots of Port au Prince taken at 7:20 this morning. By toggling between the newer photos and older satellite images taken of the city, the full scale of the devastation becomes shockingly apparent.

Also helping out is the U.S. Air Force, which has sent a Global Hawk reconnaissance drone from Beale Air Force Base in California to assist with additional aerial imaging.

Launch the gallery for six of the most dramatic before-and-after comparisons. On a side note, Google has set up a page to help coordinate any donations. Monetary donations are welcomed, as well as any new mapping information that may help rescue and relief workers.

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The Presidential Palace

The destruction of the Presidential Palace, and the homeless of the Haitian president, underscores the inability of Haiti’s young government to cope with the disaster.

The Port of Port au Prince

Clearly, the port has been seriously damaged. This will certainly hamper long term relief efforts.

Stadio Sylvio Cator

The soccer stadium of Port au Prince, filled with displaced people fleeing the crumbling slums to the south.

Market Street

Market Street, usually bustling with vendors and shoppers as shown in the inset, destroyed and vacant.

Notre Dame School Complex

The Notre Dame school complex and church, before and after.

Port au Prince Cathedral

Port au Prince cathedral, once famous for it’s rose window, felled by the earthquake.