Dyson DC25: Dyson Ball Technology Puts a New Spin on Vacuuming

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Cleaning has never been this much fun. The Dyson company has developed some unique and very cool vacuums that you literally roll around the house to pick up dust and dirt.

The patented Ball technology of the Dyson DC25 series uprights lets you glide around obstacles with no more effort than a twist of the wrist because the ball rotates in all directions for optimum maneuverability. It’s like the difference between pushing something mounted on fixed wheels versus moving the same thing on wheels that swivel. It requires less work and that translates to less time spent on this particular chore. No more back and forth, pushing and pulling motions to vacuum around corners and furniture.

The Dyson Ball series uses the company’s patented Root Cyclone technology, which prevents loss of suction power resulting from clogging. Unlike conventional electric motors, the Dyson digital motor spins the air so fast (up to 104,000 times a minute) that dust and dirt is pulled from the air and flung into the clear dust bin. Even fine particles of dust that clog the filter in other vacuums are caught in the bin. The bin is simple to empty—no hand in the dirt. Only clean air is expelled from the vacuum thanks to a lifetime washable HEPA filter that removes most allergens. Also onboard, a telescoping wand tackles dust on stairs, baseboards and crown moldings, and a motorized bristle brush bar picks up dirt and pet hair embedded in carpets and on upholstery.

Dyson vacs do not come cheap, but long-terms savings are possible because there are no replacement bags to purchase, the filter is washable, and there are no belts to wear out. A five-year warranty on manufacturer’s defects is standard, and to sweeten the deal, shipping is free when you order from dyson.com.

Rolling this Dyson upright around the house while you clean is definitely more sport than work.

This is a post from our advertisers