Featured in The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week

a baby chimp and baby human
an old-fashioned medical tool covered in a serrated blade
a skyscraper against a green background with rays of light beaming off of it onto the ground
an old photo of a man running barefoot on a green illustrated background
a woman on her side clutching her stomach as if in pain against a green background
an illustration of a bee hive on a tree branch against a green background with a small drawing of an eyeball logo
an old drawing of a kitchen with a large open fire and a small dog running on a mill-like wheel to turn the spit
an old fashioned sketch of someone drinking out of a small glass on a green background with blue polka dots and a drawing of an eyeball
someone holds a bunch of bananas on a green background with blue and green polka dots and a small eyeball logo in the upper left corner
a man and a woman lay sleeping in bed