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A person typing on a laptop with the Google search engine on the screen.
A woman with red nailpolish holding an iPhone and using a Macbook laptop to secure her online accounts.
A man using a Macbook laptop on a white table with other electronics and a latte on it.
person talking on phone browsing laptop on icognito mode
A desktop computer on a dark-colored desk with an Instagram profile open on the screen, perhaps to embed the Instagram profile on a website.
A man wearing sunglasses and a blue plaid shirt sitting in a dark room using an Apple Macbook laptop.
A person holding a phone in their hands on a white bed.
U.S. Army tank firing artillery in a grassy field in Afghanistan with PopSci Best of What's New 2021 logo stamped over a red, black, and purple background
A person in a white shirt holding a phone and using it