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Many rural areas could soon lose cell service

Rural and Indigenous communities are at risk of losing cell service thanks to a 2019 law intended to strip US telecom networks of Chinese-made equipment. And while local companies were promised reimbursements as part of the “rip-and-replace” program, many of them have so far seen little of the funding, if any at all. The federal […]

Melting ice makes Arctic a target for a new deep sea internet cable

Each day an estimated 95 percent of the world’s data travels across the roughly 900,000 miles of submarine fiber optic cables criss-crossing the ocean floor. Modern life as we know it—from internet communications to video calls to streaming services—would look significantly different without this massive infrastructure. To keep up with the world’s insatiable data needs, […]

No, ’10G internet’ is not a thing

Contrary to what many consumers could be forgiven for thinking, Comcast does not offer 10G cable internet connections—at least, not in the way you think. Technically, ’10G internet’ does not exist yet, but that didn’t stop Comcast from advertising a product that could easily be confused as such for months. Following a decision from the […]

This alternative to lithium-based batteries could help store renewable energy

The Department of Energy is providing a nearly $400 million loan to a startup aimed at scaling the manufacturing and deployment of a zinc-based alternative to rechargeable lithium batteries. If realized, Eos Energy’s utility- and industrial-scale zinc-bromine battery energy storage system (BESS) could provide cheaper, vastly more sustainable options for the country’s burgeoning renewable power […]

Join thousands of people watching I-95 repairs in 24/7 livestream

On June 11, an elevated, northbound section of the I-95 near Philadelphia collapsed, killing one person. Construction efforts are underway less than a week after the incident. On Thursday, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro announced the launch of a 24/7 livestream showing ongoing repairs in an effort to keep the public informed on progress towards reopening […]

This summer could push US energy grids to their limits

A worrying new report from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) estimates over two-thirds of North America will see elevated risks of energy grid shortfalls and blackouts over the summer if faced with extreme temperature spikes and dire weather. While resources remain “adequate” for normal seasonal peak demand, the major non-profit international regulatory authority’s […]