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The World Video Game Hall of Fame announces its 2024 inductees

There are a lot of great video games, but only a select few are considered pivotal enough to earn a place within the World Video Game Hall of Fame. Established in 2015 and located within The Strong National Museum of Play, the Hall of Fame highlights titles that meet four major criteria—iconic status, longevity, international […]

Ancestry and the National Archives are digitizing tens of millions of records

The National Archives is partnering with the genealogy company Ancestry to digitize and index tens of millions of US records related to the military, immigration history, and Indigenous communities over the next 5 years. Announced on Thursday, organizers intend to make an initial 65.5 million documents available online within two years, including World War II […]

Ancient mystery code was probably Sargon II’s name

King Sargon II was a big fan of seeing his name around town—at least, that’s what one expert believes after reviewing a series of repeating mystery images that have confounded researchers for well over a century. Ruler of the Neo-Assyrian empire from 721-704 BCE, Sargon II oversaw huge portions of ancient Mesopotamia, and is considered […]

A ‘bionic eye’ scan of an ancient, scorched scroll points to Plato’s long-lost gravesite

A research team’s “bionic eye” deciphered thousands of new words hidden within an ancient scroll carbonized during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius—and the new text points to the long-lost, potential final resting place of the philosopher Plato. The 1,800-scroll collection, located in the estate now known as the “Villa of the Papyri,” was almost instantaneously […]

A designer 3D printed a working clone of the iconic Mac Plus

Got around 40 free weekends in the near future? Possess a 3D printer, extensive knowledge of vintage computer coding, soldering techniques, and near-superhuman patience? Then you, too, could be the proud owner of a “Brewintosh Plus,” a maddeningly accurate, completely working clone of Apple’s iconic Macintosh Plus computer system. It might be hard to imagine, […]

2,000 new characters from burnt-up ancient Greek scroll deciphered with AI

Damaged ancient papyrus scrolls dating back to the 1st century CE are finally being deciphered by the Vesuvius Challenge contest winners using computer vision and AI machine learning programs. The scrolls were carbonized during the eruption of Italy’s Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE and have been all-but-inaccessible using normal restoration methods, as they have been […]

It’s time to check out these incredible antique musical clocks

In the age of omnipresent high-tech digital gadgetry, mechanical clocks are often (mistakenly) taken for granted. It’s sometimes easy to forget these everyday devices were once considered state-of-the-art technological wonders. Beginning in the mid-17th century, for example, European missionaries visiting China’s Qing dynasty regularly presented intricately engineered, astonishingly ornate musical timepieces to emperors as gifts […]

Computer modeling is tracing the hidden evolution of sign languages

It’s relatively easy to trace a written linguistic history—there’s generally a lot of written documentation and records to study. Things get trickier, however, when attempting to examine a sign language’s evolution. Most transformations within the currently over 300 known sign languages (or SLs) around the world occurred sans text over generations of learners. Add in […]

This long-lost, earliest MS-DOS precursor was discovered in a floppy disk collection

Although long-abandoned for far more advanced successors, MS-DOS remains a pivotal piece of computer history. Released to the public on the very first IBM Personal Computers back in 1980, MS-DOS quickly became a standard operating system within the growing PC market throughout the ensuing decade. While many versions are still preserved on their original floppy […]