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Europe’s first Mars rover will use nuclear-powered heaters

Europe’s first Martian rover, the Rosalind Franklin, will encounter temperatures as frigid as -100 degrees Fahrenheit when it arrives on the planet sometime around 2028—and engineers are harnessing radioactive decay to help keep it as warm as possible. According to a recent announcement from the European Space Agency, a new partnership with NASA will supply […]

Dead satellite hurtles towards Earth in new grainy images

A 5,000-pound dead satellite resembling a spaceship from Star Wars is hurtling towards Earth, but don’t worry—experts say situations like this happen “every week or two.” Launched in 1995 by the European Space Agency from Kourou, French Guiana, the European Remote Sensing 2 (ERS-2) array spent over a decade-and-a-half observing the planet’s topography and weather […]